Group Training

Have FUN getting FIT with our small group program!  With 17 preset group training times to choose from and the unlimited membership option, the sky is the limit!  In our group sessions, the goal of every workout is to challenge, strengthen and tone your entire body!  We accomplish this by using: body weight exercises, dumbbells, plyometrics, Tabata drills, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettle bells, jump ropes, agility training (cones and ladders), and more!  We have access to a great space outdoors that includes steps, an incline ramp, and huge empty spaces.  Whenever weather permits, we incorporate outdoor drills with our inside work to really mix up your workouts!  This makes your workouts extremely efficient and also keeps you from getting bored.  Our approach to workout design centers around H.I.I.T to get you the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Our group sessions are kept rather small (no more than 15 trainees at a time) so your trainer will know you personally.  We are able to closely monitor every client for proper form and progression.  You will be held accountable for attendance and effort by your trainer.  The group is very encouraging, supportive, and welcoming.  And don't let the "boot camp" name intimidate you--we believe in positive reinforcement and offer a safe, fun, effective and motivating environment for you to train in.

You can try our program for FREE!!  Contact us to set up your first session today and be well on your way to the fittest, happiest, healthiest YOU ever!

Your body is our business!