Class Descriptions

Strength & Conditioning Camp (S&C) 

Combines traditional strength training, body weight exercises, functional training drills, and cardio exercises to achieve a total body workout that strengthens the body, tones muscle, and torches fat all in one workout! The format is mat based where clients workout side by side but at levels appropriate to them specifically.  We will utilize the outdoors for fitness fun when weather permits.

Fitness Bootcamp

A stations based workout the works every muscle in the body, including the heart, all in one workout.   Includes (but is not limited to) the use of: dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometrics, jump ropes, body weight exercises, functional training exercises, stairs, outdoor drills (weather permitting) and more!  Focuses on H.I.I.T. for maximum results.  (The “express” version is the same type of class format for a shorter duration.)

Fitness Fundamentals

Total body workout geared towards beginners exclusively.  Uses various types of exercises to achieve a total body workout in a half of an hour.  Workout design and exercise selection is done with the beginner client solely in mind.  Allows for progression and a building of fundamental strength.

Strictly Strength

A mat based workout that sequences upper body and lower body strength training exercises (dumbbells and body weight) in such a way that the heart rate stays in the fat burning soon all while strengthening and toning every muscle in the body.  Suitable for all levels.

Cardio Camp

A workout consisting of cardio exercise only.  Exercise selections will vary.  Outdoor work will be included when weather permits.

NOTE TO BEGINNERS—You are welcome in ALL classes.  The workouts are suitable for people of all levels.  If you are just starting out, your trainer will guide you through the any of the workouts in such a way that it is appropriate and suitable for you.  Please do not limit yourself only to the Fitness Fundamentals class.  The group is VERY supportive, encouraging and motivating.  We all started somewhere and clients take pleasure in working together towards everyone’s individual successes.