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    Fitness Bootcamp

    Get in the best shape of your life!  Every session is a total body strength and conditioning, fat-blasting workout that combines a variety of exercise types. Never get bored and never plateau!
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    Lose the Weight

    Blast fat and sizzle calories with the ever-changing routines that make bootcamp fun, effective, and efficient!  We use interval training and vary the included exercises to get the fastest results possible.  Shed inches and pounds forever!
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    Gain the Confidence

    Train to maximize your own personal potential!  Fitness bootcamp will get you in the best physical shape of your life AND boost your self esteem!
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    Share the Cost

    Personal training at a fraction of the cost!  Now you can afford to get professional instruction to make your workouts safe and efficient!  All while meeting people who share your goals!
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    Join Today!

    There are seasonal 12 week terms constantly running.  Join ANY time for a prorated amount.  No need to wait to get started on the road to the best-you-ever.
    Call 443-848-7999 TODAY!
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Is it 4 ME?


    There is NO NEGATIVITY and no yelling, despite the “bootcamp” name! We believe in achievement through positive reinforcement and dedication. This total body workout sizzles calories and scorches fat!

  • 2011 WINNER!